Consultancy and Projectmanagement

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After many successfully implemented projects X-WERT has found its special preferences from the experience. We want to speak openly about this with you, because our loyalty lies solely with our customer, the Bank. We know that not only the price, the functional degree of coverage, or the preferences influence the decision making process in big banking corporations.

X-WERT rethinks bank internal processes and shows you individual optimization tasks. X-WERT accompanies you with the implementation. We as skilled bankers take care that amongst all necessary IT decisions you and your company will sharpen your identity as a bank. We ask you as Bank IT Manager, how a project that is not mandatory from a regulatory perspective will offer the customer any value in the medium-term. X-WERT will support the bank to stay ahead with IT. X-WERT offers pragmatic but not hasty system changes. X-WERT will tell you if the line organisation is ready to take charge after the project is done.

X-WERT offers its services for the following topics:

  1. Core Banking Applications
  2. Securities, Treasury & Credits
  3. Internal Reporting
  4. Risk Management
  5. Compliance
  6. Regulatory Requirements
  7. Reporting
  8. Payments
  9. Test Management and Coordination