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The service portfolio of X-WERT BankTechnology AG is meeting the increasing demands and requirements for small and medium-sized financial institutions in Germany and Europe.

Our focus topics are the selections, evaluation, implementation, migration and the integration of IT banking applications. X-WERT has a high level of experience and expertise in this field of technological and business process challenges.

Many years of experience in the field of consultancy have shown us that next to the technological challenges the organizational dimensions are of high importance and should not be neglected. This is where our consultancy competence starts.

Banking services are created by motivated employees and IT solutions. Banking IT is a core competence of a bank. All IT processes that can be outsourced have been already. As a bank you should always try to stay up to date with the IT questions of principle. You should always aim to meet your service providers at eye level and collaborate fairly together. Dependencies should be found early, contracts are always negotiable and should be cancelled amicably if necessary. Often the costs of IT are not hidden where you expect them to be. Your employees are more motivated if they are supported by a better application environment. There are applications, which are purchased solely based on the licensing fees but are negating the savings in the working process. Other sprawling application developments show a lack of courage of finding the right balance between manual and fully automated processes.