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To have the right information available at the right time and at the right place is a key factor for successful entrepreneurial decision making. X-WERT has the practical expertise in the introduction of appropriate reporting solutions for banks. This reaches from pragmatic reporting development, which X-WERT implements together with the bank, (e.g. Business Objects) to the implementation of complex IT strategic data warehousing solutions. X-WERT can help you to refocus on the intended purpose of your singular connected applications. Transactional systems are supposed to deliver high performance and should work seamlessly; they act as the judicial system. Satellite systems should close functional and technical gaps and introduce external expertise. Reporting solutions on the other side serve their own purpose. X-WERT knows that these goals need to be worked upon so that your IT solutions only do what they were developed for.

The “Dynamical Reporting Platform” is offered exclusively by X-WERT BankTechnology AG at the German market. It is a cost-efficient and flexible reporting solution which can guarantee a very short time-to-market for your requirements. The reporting modules can be used independent from a database – the data can be extracted directly from a transactional system or a data warehouse (or in conjunction). Third party systems can be integrated easily